About Me


Welcome to my page and thanks for visiting. I am Sylvie and I am a perfectionist. Unfortunately, this was the most annoying trait of my personality up until the day I found an industry where perfection can only be useful! So, I swapped career in HR for career “in the kitchen”.

Food and especially desserts are part of every happy occasion and even where the occasions are bitter, sweets can make it easier to bear! Truth be told, I am just hoping to bake the World a sweeter place.

I create with buttercream only! Depending on your sweetness preference, the desired design and conditions in which you will store the cake you can choose from AMERICAN, ITALIEN, SWISS MERINGUE OR RUSSIAN BUTTERCREAM AND CREAM CHEESE. It also means that repeated ordersĀ  always taste differently and you do not need to worry about getting bored!

Packaging is personalised just as much as your order, bringing to your occasion that WOW factor. All discussions are non-binding so do get in touch with your requests and I will bring them to edible life.

With Love